Marketing Services

Personalized Complete Market Analysis
Promotion in newspapers and magazines in Greater Philadelphia
Promotion through various events
Representation of Italian Products in Greater Philadelphia

Legal Services

Monitoring Activities for Businesses
Judicial Consulting
Contracts, Deeds and other Documents
Financing and Start-Up Funds
Consulting for the Tax Credit Program
Directorial and Managerial Support from the IABCN

Accounting and Operating Services

Assistance on various Personal Tasks
Base and Advanced Accounting
Accounting Consulting and Company Incorporation
Direct Debit for Business Operations
Office Rentals and Work Positions (1-3 Positions)
Customs Forms and Product Certifications
Secretary and Deliveries
Transport and Logistics

Selection and Networking Services

Contact Lists
Private Information on Businesses and People
Local Client and Partner Research
Organized Meetings
Personal Selection of Dependent, External and Business Partners
Selecting Proprieties for Viewing and Management Support

The above services are available for our members at very advantageous prices. For more
information, please call (215) 625-3535 or send an e-mail to